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Light, affluent information and qualified education has become possible globally by the use of electricity.

I, Satoshi Nagata played an important role in the Qualitative improvement of the electricity system called GRID or POOL as the sales-in-charge of the development and commercialization of Automatic Frequency Control, AFC, in Toshiba. In the '80s, I contributed to the Information Technology revolution through the unique parts technology of semiconductor in Mitsui High-Tec Inc. In later days of '90s, I acted one of driver in the telecommunication revolution through the technological development of the Mobile telephone. I made a contribution to the development of Hybrid Cars as well. Now, as the CEO of VPEC Inc, I do hope I can be one of the flag-bearers in the electricity network revolution which comes next.

In this age of Global economy opened up by the internet and the mobile telephone, there exists a global and ubiquitous need for electricity. Even in the desert, people want to use the internet & mobile telephones. We cannot fulfill these global needs, only by the present electricity architecture called GRID or POOL derived from the Edison days of the 19th century. It is because huge initial investments in transmission and distribution lines are necessary. VPEC proposes a total global optimization through the combination of GRID and the ECONetwork (Electricity Cluster Oriented Network, network of ProSumers) with renewable energy sources.

This is because the fundamental design concept of GRID or POOL is based on the nature of synchronous generators such as Hydro, Thermal, Atomic Power. Once they are connected by cables, they are synchronized by themselves supported by the law of Ohm. Contrary to the synchronous generators, most of the renewable generators such as solar photovoltaic, wind turbine, fuel cells etc donft have a synchronous function. It is not natural to put those different generators in one system, existing GRID or POOL.

VPEC proposes to differentiate the architecture, i.e., to put the synchronous generators under the GRID or POOL and to put the renewable under the ECONetwork. It is also proposed to change from the stocked energy civilization to a flow based energy civilization, and to change the one-sided system where the generators part control and take all the responsibility, to a bi-lateral community friendly system.

The issue of Global warming is the driver that accelerates the introduction of renewable energy. In the past it is focused to put the renewable at a point, however, ECONetwork as the name indicates, aims to group and cluster them. It can achieve the significant introduction of renewable energy sources, significant reduction of GHG emissions and the significant conservation of energy, by reducing transportation of energy dramatically. Under the current system, a huge volume of energy moves over a long distance and all the time.

In ECONetwork, the clusters utilizing the hybrid local generation and the local consumption with the electricity storage accommodate the excess and shortage, and thus the transfer of energy in terms of volume, distance and time becomes almost 1/10. It is a loose-coupling system utilizing the information-technologies, advanced technological development in power-electronics and electric storage, and the concept of internet. It is a very high energy security system as well. It could be the so-called Jumping technology in the developing world as was the mobile phone.

All the components exist, by changing the way of combination, we can achieve the very big fruits. Why donft we start immediately.
Please give your support on launching ECONetwork and brightening our future society.

Satoshi Nagata


1947 Born in Nagoya Japan
Majored in Law from Tokyo University, BL Private Law 1970, BL Public Law 1971
1971 Joined Toshiba
1979 Joined Mitsui Manufacturing
1982 MS (Management), Stanford SLOAN
1984 Changed the company name to Mitsui High-Tec & IPO
1990 CEO of Mitsui High-Tec & listed in 1st section of TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
2002 Founded IBS Inc. & VPEC Inc.
2013-2015@Wind Engineering Center Co. Ltd, Director
2015@VPEC Inc. CEO & President