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Intellectual Property Strategy

Patent for ECONetwork

VPEC has accumulated the Intellectual Property rights, starting from the basic patent to practical concept & basic technology patent.B

Out-line of the basic patent (PCT-WO2004/073136)

  1. Power surplus & power shortage accommodation system among the electric power suppliers and demanders, Power Unit or ProSumers, who have at least a generator and/or a storage, and an appliance with the power control equipment, called power router. All the topologies and communication systems are included.
  2. Excess & shortage accommodation by Direct Current(DC) is covered as well, looking to future application.

Basic patents have become patented rights in China, India and the Philippines, because of its non-obviousness and novelty as the one which does not depend on the conventional power system, moving beyond the framework of Edison since the 19th century. It is now under examination in Japan, Indonesia and Brazil.

Expanded and improved patents applications cover the accommodation of heat, battery in appliances, hybrid generation and storage system, which include the movable power generation device and/or movable electrical storage device including PHV/EV, and so on. PHV/EV, in particular, works best under Vehicles to Cluster, V2C, compared with V2G and V2H, which is claimed in the expanded patent application. They are under examination in Japan, USA, EU, China, India and so on.

ECONetwork:Intellectual Property Right Stracture

ECONetwork:Intellectual Property Right Stracture
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The structure is analogy of Internet. In electricity network, due its nature and lengthy history, there will be fewer possibility of new business model and hard/software patents. And thus, the value of VPEC’s patents are valuable.