System Comparison
Intellectual Property Strategy

1. How is it different from Micro-GRID?

Micro-GRID has been studied and tested as "GRID connected". ECONetwork can work either GRID independent or "GRID connected". Micro-GRID so far has been designed as specific for each project, and thus they have problems in cost and expandability. VPEC proposes a solution which networks standardized Micro-GRIDs as a pattern of ECONetwork, covered by the fundamental patent.

2. How is it different from Smart-GRID?

Please refer to the page gECONetwork and Smart-GRIDh.

3. Is it possible to form a cluster with 100% renewable energy?

What VPEC proposes is not 100% renewable energy. It is a proposal to increase the percentage of renewable energy sources more than today. We believe that 20% could be the maximum even in the strongest GRID like Western Europe. It means ECONetwork will accommodate more than 20% renewable energy.

4. Is ECONetwork cost competitive?

It is already cost competitive in those countries which need to develop transmission line & distribution line, and in local areas & islands. It is often discussed in terms of the cost competitiveness of the renewable energy sources and batteries. However, the total cost point of view should be discussed. We have confidence that the key components like electric storage and power electronics could be expected to achieve significant scale merit by combining the ECONetwork and automobile technology and standardization.

5. Is VPEC seeking partnership opportunities?

Yes. VPEC is working on R&D and commercialization of the ECONetwork. We are looking for business partners, investors and potential customers. Please feel free to contact us.